Name: Yamilla Beers

Age: 22

Place: Almelo



Describe yourself in 5 words:

Happy, hardworking, perfectionist, never give up, open-minded.

What keeps you busy: 

Fashion, Art, interior, design, discovering,  catwalksshows, people, work, blogging, designing my own outfits, drawing, being creative!

What are your goals?
Keep myself happy in the things I do. And inspire people with what I do. (hopefully all around the world). I want to  tell them that you can be who you want to be, and wear what you like. Not what people want you to be, or say what you have to wear. And.... I hope to meet even more inspiring people who are busy with catching their dreams.

What keeps you motivated?
Especially my thought of sharing something that my readers have to see. Like something that I have bought lately or something that I am realy proud off, or what inspired me.
My readers keep me motivated because they give positive reactions on what I do - that inspires me to do it even better.

What are youre future plans?
In the future I hope to get a good job in the fashion world. Being happy with what I do, creating my own perfect place, designing more outfits and hopefully I can visit more fashionevents and make my blog even bigger!

What are your dreams?

First of all : I love to meet new hard working people. I have a lot of dreams... I love to travel. So one of my dreams is to travel all around the world, to get inspired by every culture and way of fashion. From New York to Japan! My other dreams are ofcourse to become successful with my blog, visit more events, inspire people with what I do, so they make their dreams come true. And last but not least : having my own fashion studio where I can create all my ideas - from designing outfits to blogging.

What do you like about YBS?

I love what YBS is doing with their readers! They give you the perfect opportunity to connect with new people from the fashion industry, and people who are all catching their dreams.
 Its very inspiring to read and hear all of their success stories. YBS is a great way to get closer to hardworking dreamcatchers all over the world.

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